Work packages

Work Package 1
Programme Management


Project management will ensure a smooth flow of the project activities in order to schedule and complete them efficiently, within the agreed time and allocated budget. This work package will ensure effective communication between the consortium partners, the European Commission and all interested parties. It will also ensure the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project consortium.

Work Package 2
Dissemination and communication


The objective of the dissemination and communication work package is to raise the awareness about the outcomes of the project and the developments that have been achieved within the Science for Prevention Academic Network. Within this work package, all key stakeholders such as public administrations, academics, relevant enterprises and research institutions, scientific and industrial experts are involved, in order to foster the impact of the project activities and results. This work package shall ensure that the project objectives, activities and methodologies developed within the project are widely promoted to the target groups defined by the dissemination and communication plan on European level and beyond.

Work Package 3
Mapping European Tertiary Prevention Science Education and Training


The objective of this work package is to map the scope and focus of existing Prevention Science learning programmes, curricula, qualifications, paedagogies, learning outcomes and competencies currently being delivered across the tertiary education sector in Europe. As a minimum, all the partners in the project will be involved in providing knowledge and information which will support the project to develop a detailed market map of the available Prevention Science courses across Europe, organising these into a coherent set of qualifications (using the Bologna cycle descriptors), identifying those that are already using ECTS, identify opportunities to align standards, and identify potential gaps in provision/progression routes.

Work Package 4
European Prevention Workforce Needs Analysis


The objective of this work package is to develop a robust understanding of the workforce skills needs of current employers of prevention workers across Europe (including scientists, researchers, practioners etc). This research will survey the needs of a range of Prevention Science policy specialists, research organisations and organisations delivering prevention support programmes, to identify any particular areas of course delivery that need to be developed in order to address the current needs of employers.

Work Package 5
Mapping relevant funded Research and Development (R&D) projects, Stakeholders, Events and Conferences


Mapping relevant funded Research and Development (R&D; often referred to as RTD: Research and Technological Development) projects, Stakeholders, Events and Conferences - the objective of this work package is to develop a detailed understanding of what current and previous funded RTD exist which have sought to address Prevention Science issues and to develop a database of relevant events, conferences, researchers, public policy specialists, funding agencies and officials that might potentially interested in developing links with the SPAN initiative

Work Package 6
Development of a Quality Plan


The objective of this work package is to develop a quality plan, which sets out the tasks required to improve the integration of Prevention Science degree/quality assurance standards, methods and approaches in the field of Prevention Science Higher Education across Europe. This quality plan will build on the Prevention Science Education and Training Research to make concrete recommendations about what individual institutions need to do to implement a consistent quality framework, which is underpinned by the European and Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Work Package 7
Physical Networking for Best Practice Exchange


The objective of this work package is organise an Annual Conference in Prevention Science through which the partners in the project, and other organisations with an interest in this field come together to exchange best practice and share knowledge and learning on current practices in the sector. As part of this activity, we will also organise a Network of Young Researchers (Doctoral and Postdoctoral students) and develop links with relevant Research Networks (like Networks of Excellence funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration Activities) and improve the link between education and society, bringing together public and private sector, scientific and professional players, thereby contributing to Europe's innovation capacity;

Work Package 8
Virtual Networking and Learning


The objective of this work package is to establish a public facing website and a Virtual Learning Environment, through which the various activities and outputs from the project can be shared and the partners can build a useful online resource of teaching material, contacts etc.

Work Package 9
European Credit Transfer and accumulations System (ECTS) Recognition and Award


The objective of this work package is to implement the recommendations contained in the Quality Plan (WP 6), by encouraging institutions to develop their internal quality assurance procedures, create credit allocations for their programmes, or components, to validate them according to their national and/or institutional rules and to monitor the credit allocations to establish whether the estimated workload is realistic.


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