Work Package 6
Development of a Quality Plan

Univerzita Karlova V Praze


The objective of this work package is to develop a quality plan, which sets out the tasks required to improve the integration of Prevention Science degree/quality assurance standards, methods and approaches in the field of Prevention Science Higher Education across Europe. This quality plan will build on the Prevention Science Education and Training Research to make concrete recommendations about what individual institutions need to do to implement a consistent quality framework, which is underpinned by the European and Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Description of work and role of partners

Task 6.1 Establishment of a Quality Plan Steering Group

At the outset of this Work Package, we will establish a ‘Task and Finish’ Group who will be responsible for overseeing the management of this work package. The Chair of the Steering Group will be the work package leader. The role of the Steering Group will be to agree a framework for implementing a quality plan; developing the DRAFT quality plan; consulting with partners; and producing the final plan.

Task 6.2 Development of the Quality Plan Framework

Following receipt of the Prevention Science Education & Training Research Study, the Quality Plan Steering Group will use the research to develop a framework for developing and implementing a range of activities which are designed to improve the integration of Prevention Science standards, methods and approaches in the Higher Education Sector, across Europe. The actions proposed will be a direct response to the findings of the research, but will likely include measures to implement an ECTS famework across the partners, including encouraging individual partners to review their course design/learning outcomes, encouraging partners to develop the necessary ECTS framework documents etc. This plan will take the form of an action plan, which will set out what steps each partner needs to take to implement ECTS in their own institutions and to develop the desired consistency/transparency in standards across the EU.

Task 6.3 Development of DRAFT Quality Plan

Having agreed the framework, the Steering Group will assign various tasks in the quality plan to various partners to author. Following collation, the draft quality plan will be produced for partner consultation. This draft Quality Plan will be produced as a word/pdf document capable of being circulated to partners.

Task 6.4 Partner Consultation

Following production of the DRAFT quality plan, and approval by the Project Management Group, the Work Package Leaders will be responsible for consulting with all the partners on the content of the plan, securing widespread agreement to its contents and agreeing any amends/changes. During this process, the work package leader, and the steering group members will be involved in a relatively in-depth dialogue with partners, negotiating any required amends/developments.

Task 6.5 Production of the final Quality Plan

Following the consultation phase, the Steering Group will produce a final version of the Quality Plan, which will be the plan which is used in subsequent elements of the project, to implement the required changes/developments.


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