Work Package 9
European Credit Transfer and accumulations System (ECTS) Recognition and Award

University of Malta


The objective of this work package is to implement the recommendations contained in the Quality Plan (WP 6), by encouraging institutions to develop their internal quality assurance procedures, create credit allocations for their programmes, or components, to validate them according to their national and/or institutional rules and to monitor the credit allocations to establish whether the estimated workload is realistic.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 9.1 Partners implement individual action plans to implement ECTS in their own institution

Following the production of the Quality Plan, each partner will be responsible for implementing their own ECTS action plan, by reviewing the outcomes of the quality plan, reviewing their own curriculum design, reviewing their learning outcomes, calculating/re-calculating their credit allocation, calculating/re-estimating workloads, and reviewing course documentation (Course Catalogue, Student Application Form, Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records). The culmination of this task will be the preparation of an ECTS Information Package by each learning provider involved in the project. In completing this task partners may also take advantage of ECTS Helplines and the ECTS Counsellors programme.

Task 9.2 External Peer Review of ECTS proposals

Where appropriate, and desirable, project partners will support the partners implement the ECTS locally, by providing peer-peer mentoring support to institutions.

Task 9.3 Development of a pan-European Prevention Science ECTS framework

Upon completion of the individual action plans to implement the ECTS in their respective institutions, the project will produce a pan-European Prevention Science ECTS framework, to promote improved progression and increased student mobility. This pan-European Prevention Science ETCS framework will provide students with a clear and transparent guide as to how various qualifications and qualification frameworks integrate with each other.


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