Matej Kosir
Team leader

Work Package 4
European Prevention Workforce Needs Analysis

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The objective of this work package is to develop a robust understanding of the workforce skills needs of current employers of prevention workers across Europe (including scientists, researchers, practioners etc). This research will survey the needs of a range of Prevention Science policy specialists, research organisations and organisations delivering prevention support programmes, to identify any particular areas of course delivery that need to be developed in order to address the current needs of employers.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 4.1 Establishment of a Workforce Skills Steering group

In order to guide this research, we will establish a Workforce Skills Research ‘Task and Finish’ Group, which will be chaired by the WP Leader, who will report back to the Project Management Group at regular intervals. This group will comprise a mix of partners with expertise in conducting employer surveys.

Task 4.2 Development of a Employer Database

In order to identify potential targets to survey, we will build an employer database, which will include known contacts of the partners and third-party, bought in data. This database will comprise a variety of employers from across Europe.

Task 4.3 Development of Research Methodology

Having established the Workforce Skills Steering Group and built the employer database, the Steering Group will agree a standard methodology for assessing employers skills needs. This methodology will produce a standard methodology that will be capable of being implemented across all member states and delivering a pan European analysis of the skills needs and gaps being expressed by employers.

Task 4.4 Research Analysis & Collation

Following agreement about the standard research methodology, we will undertake the research and collate the resultant data, which will enable us to better understand employer skills needs and gaps.

Task 4.5 Analysis of Synergies/Gaps

Following the collation of the data, we will identify synergies between the various employer responses, and identify any skills gaps and and/or potential gaps in provision. This analysis will shape and inform a discussion and debate about best practice in prevention science course design.

Task 4.6 Report Production

The final task in this work package will be the production of the final research report, summarising the research findings. This report will be circulated fully within the partnership, to inform the other WP’s.


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