Peer van der Kreeft
Team leader

Work Package 3
Mapping European Tertiary Prevention Science Education and Training

Hogeschool Ghent


The objective of this work package is to map the scope and focus of existing Prevention Science learning programmes, curricula, qualifications, paedagogies, learning outcomes and competencies currently being delivered across the tertiary education sector in Europe. As a minimum, all the partners in the project will be involved in providing knowledge and information which will support the project to develop a detailed market map of the available Prevention Science courses across Europe, organising these into a coherent set of qualifications (using the Bologna cycle descriptors), identifying those that are already using ECTS, identify opportunities to align standards, and identify potential gaps in provision/progression routes.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 3.1 Establishment of Education and Training Steering group

As the first part of this work package, we will establish an Education and Training Steering group, to act as a ‘task and finish’ group for the education and training research element of this project. This task and finish group will be chaired by the work package leader, who will also have responsibility for reporting progress of the groups work to the board. Establishing a working group to oversee this research element ensures we are able to co-opt members to the group with significant experience of qualification frameworks, ECTS and ensure suitable geographic coverage across Europe.

Task 3.2 Development of a Database of Survey Respondents

As the second part of this work package, we will develop a comprehensive database of Prevention Science academics across Europe and the relevant learning programmes they input into. In addition to including the core partners participating in the project, this research will extend into other institutions and countries not presently covered in the partnership.

Task 3.3 Development of Research Methodology

Next, we will develop a standard methodology for researching the current scope and impact of Prevention Science Education and Training across Europe, which will cover collating information about the scope; focus; workloads; availability of ECTS key documents; curricula; cycles; qualifications; qualification descriptors; reference points; pedagogies; learning outcomes; and competencies of various provision.

Task 3.4 Research Analysis & Collation

Following agreement about the standard methodology, we will undertake the research and collate the resultant data required to analyse the incidence of, and approach to, the delivery of Prevention Science Education across Europe.

Task 3.5 Analysis of Complementarities/Gaps

Following the collation of the data, we will identify complementarities between the various courses and qualifications, and identify any gaps in provision. In undertaking this analasis, we will use the ECTS framework and approach as a model for analysng provision, with a view to synthesising the data into a simple matrix to illustrate how the various courses across Europe might integrate with each other.

Task 3.6 Report Production

The final task in this work package will be the production of the final research report, summarising the research findings. This report will be circulated fully within the partnership, to inform the other WP’s.


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