David Foxcroft
Project Co-ordinator

Work Package 1
Programme Management

Oxford Brookes University


Project management will ensure a smooth flow of the project activities in order to schedule and complete them efficiently, within the agreed time and allocated budget. This work package will ensure effective communication between the consortium partners, the European Commission and all interested parties. It will also ensure the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project consortium.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 1.1 Project Co-ordination

Project coordination involves strategic management comprising activities related to coordination of the project at all levels (European Commission, consortium, WP Steering Groups, External Advisory Board) to achieve project objectives, realization of project deliverables in time, in required quality and within the budget, and ensuring successful completion of the project. This task includes control of work progress and budget allocation, supervising the work plan and its adjustment if necessary, preparation of progress reports and final report to the European Commission. 

Task 1.2 Technical Management

This task includes activities of day-to-day management of the project such as administration and evaluation and monitoring, reporting, organization of project meetings, contractual issues and payments. All partners are  involved in this task, with Oxford Brookes University (OBU) co-ordinating activities in this WP (including Annual Reporting and managing an independent evaluator).

Task 1.3 Quality Management

Quality management activities include recruitment of external advisory board members, who are actively involved in the project, approving the quality of the project outputs, including deliverables and dissemination, and supporting the consortium in key decisions taken within the project, while maintaining their independence.

Task 1.4 Kick-off and Regular Meetings

The project started with a Kick-off meeting in order to gain a common understanding of the project work plan and discuss the key issues related to the first stage of the project. Regular meetings take place twice a year in order to monitor, coordinate and assess the progress of activities, agree upon changes and re-arrangements of the work plan and take decisions. Telephone and audio conferences are organized in the periods between the meetings to guarantee smooth project execution and reaching the project deliverables according to the work plan.


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