Work Package 8
Virtual Networking and Learning

Verwey-Jonker Instituut


The objective of this work package is to establish a public facing website and a Virtual Learning Environment, through which the various activities and outputs from the project can be shared and the partners can build a useful online resource of teaching material, contacts etc.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 8.1 Establishment of a Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group

The first task in this work package will be to establish a Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group to oversee the development and implementation of the virtual workspace/website for the project. This Steering Group will be led by the Work Package Leader, who will provide regular updates to the PMG.

Task 8.2 Development of a Functional Specification for the Virtual Networking/Learning Environment

The Work Package Leader for this task will be responsible for working with the Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group to develop a functional specification for the virtual workspace/project website, which will be used as the framework for developing the virtual presence for the project.

Task 8.3 Development of the Virtual Networking & Learning Environment

The project ‘website’ will be developed near the beginning of the project, and shall also contain a password protected area for the project partners allowing a common working space. The Virtual Networking and Learning Environment will contain the presentation of the project, its activities and results, news, conference and workshops announcements, public project reports and other relevant material.

Task 8.4 Training for Partners

Following the launch of the Virtual Networking and Learning Environment/Website all the partners will be trained in how to use the tool.

Task 8.5 Handover of the Project Website to the Dissemination Work Package Leader

Following completion of the training, the responsibility for maintaining the Virtual Networking and Learning Environment will be handed over to the Dissemination Steering group. They will be responsible for maintaining content and ensuring the virtual presence is maintained.


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