EU: European Institute of Studies on Prevention (IREFREA)


The European Institute of Studies on Prevention (Irefrea) is possibly the oldest European network in drug prevention and research (founded in 1988). The network is composed either by national Irefrea entities as other institutions as Universities or other professional organisations belonging to 14 European countries. IREFREA members are very active in several professional and scientific arenas, having been invited to collaborate with organizations including, Pompidou Group, UNODC and the National Coordination on Drugs and drug abuse (Spanish National Plan on Drugs) and actively participate in networks such as Club Health, Eurocare, EuroNet, DC&D and The Civil Society Forum on Drugs. Irefrea is at the steering committee of Club Health. The Portuguese group has had the scientific participation and at national level of the different research projects since the group’s initiation. The areas covered by IREFREA include alcohol and drug prevention (research, evaluation and programme implementation) covering questions like risk factors, risky behaviours, related violence and programmes efficiency among others. Specific study, training and research areas are:

  • Scholl prevention . “ Decide Yourself” programme . Implemented at Azores Regional level since 2007.
  • Family prevention : Strengthening Families Programme; Development of a parental education training(Training and capacity as group leader gained in the Course: “Families Strengthening” at Princeton - USA - 2005)
  • Recreational nightlife problems: Super Vision for Azores Regional Health department of two out reach teams and night life preventive projects: X- Pressa-te and In - Formate
  • Alcohol and drug Community prevention (with interventions taking actually place in different parts of , Portugal and Cabo Verde)
  • Protocol with the Cap Verde Government, Youth Minister for implementation of a Community project denominate “ BoKi Ta Dissidi” for violence and drug prevention
  • Peer education in College night life context

Irefrea is familiarized with prevention research professionals trough the participation in multiple European research projects, the organization of seminars and conferences all around Europe, the participation and presentation of findings in national and international conferences.

Primary role in the project

IREFREA’s role in the project will be to participate in activities organised by other groups in relation to training or research issues in drug prevention and promote the project via the network inside several countries as Portugal and Spain and at national level also around Europe. IREFREA will sit on the Advisory Board of the project, under WP1, and to maintain an overview of WP2 (dissemination), WP3 (Education and Training Research), WP6 (Quality Planning) and WP7 (Networking). In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, IREFREA participate fully in the various tasks of the project, including the meetings, seminars and events and ensure the project goals are achieved.


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