AU: Institut für Sozial- und Gesundheitspsychologie


Founded in 1994, the Institut für Sozial- und Gesundheitspsychologie (ISG) is a pre-eminent Austrian social science research institute connected with psychological and psychotherapeutic practice operation. It has a strong track record of working with the Prevention Science community on a range of European Prevention Science research projects. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Karl Bohrn and Dr. Sebastian Bohrn Mena, ISG comprises a multidisciplinary team of researchers from different disciplines (including psychology, psychotherapy, sociology, economics, etc.) based across two sites in Vienna and Lower Austria. The primary focus of the Institute is on potential-and resource-oriented research, prevention and treatment of mental disorders, both in a private and an operational context. In addition, its activities are focussed on transferring the findings of scientific research and practical work in health psychology into the wider society, in order to provide decision-makers, experts and citizens in general with the latest information. For many years the ISG determined its own research interests and developed a particular specialism in migration and integration research. Under the direction of Mag.a Aida Bohrn, whose decades-long involvement in the field of migration has already won several awards (eg MiA Award 2009, the Federal Medal of the Republic of Austria, 2010), our researchers and practitioners developed a particular expertise in the study and development of innovative and sustainable solutions.

The work of the Institute of Social and Health Psychology and its employees is based on a vision of:

  • Intensive exchange of research and practice.
  • The collaboration of private and public health and social services.
  • The involvement of all stakeholders and affected groups.
  • Encouraging social entrepreneurship, with a view to encouraging sustainable solutions.
  • The integral good of man in the foreground of our work.

All scientific and practical courses are aligned to these guidelines and must meet the high professional quality standards of the Institute and its partners.

The Institute of Social and Health Psychology currently employees 8 people, which comprise a mix of researchers and practitioners. In a number of projects we are involved in, our humanities and social science researchers work closely with our practitioners of psychotherapy and psychology. In this way, we are able to bring together the latest research findings together with professional practitioners.

Primary role in the project

ISG’s role in the project will be to bring the opinions and members of the inderpendent European prevention science research community to the project, and their links with the Austrian & European prevention science community. ISG will also sit on the Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group (WP7) which will be led by P16. In addition to guiding the development of a Virtual Learning Environment, ISG will also input into WP2 (helping to disseminate the results of the project in Austria and within their networks), WP3 (helping to map the European Tertiary Prevention Science Education and Training Sector – particularly through the existing academic links they have) and WP6 (helping to develop an action plan for developing more consistent Prevention Science QA frameworks). In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately ISG will input into the development of the WP7 implementation plan, clearly defining staff roles and responsibilities and mapping out project timelines to ensure goals and milestones are monitored and met. As far as financial management is concerned, ISG has a strong track record of managing and monitoring similar projects, with financial records maintained through paper and computerised systems. As far as their other inputs are concerned, these will be ‘called off’ by the relevant WP lead and/or a member of the relevant WP Steering Group.


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