DE: Leibniz-Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology


Leibniz-Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology, is a specialist German research and services organisation, which is active in the field of public health care. The purpose of the institute is to foster public health care as well as to carry out medical and psychological science and research. IFT-Nord is sponsored by a range of organisations, including the Federal Ministry of Health; the Federal Centre for Health Education; the European Commission; the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Health; Various ministries of the Länder; Various Institutes for Health Promotion and Addiction Prevention and Public Education Offices; the German Cancer Society; the German Heart Foundation; the German Lung Foundation; and the Schleswig-Holstein Society for the Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Association. The Institute’s work programme is focussed on;

  • Research on the causes and prevention of health risks and health-promoting lifestyles.
  • Development of projects in the field of prevention and health promotion and their implementation in practice.
  • Evaluation of health promotion programs and programs for prevention of health risks, scientific monitoring of pilot projects.
  • Advising national and international institutions.
  • Coordination of international projects in the "Public Health".
  • Training of psychologists and physicians in psychotherapy with a focus on behavioural therapy, training programs for psychologists and physicians in behavioral therapy and outpatient psychotherapy for people with mental health problems.

The Institutes research programme focuses on three main areas:

  • Evaluation of the measures in the field of health promotion.
  • The descriptive and analytical epidemiology of risk factors and risk behaviors in childhood and adolescence, and;
  • The scientific monitoring of pilot projects.

Primary role in the project

IFT-Nord’s role in the project will be to support the Dissemination elements of the project, by sitting on the Dissemination Steering Group. In performing this task, IFT-Nord will be active in promoting the project widely, but also ensuring the involvement of relevant actors from the Prevention Science research community. In addition to this, IFT-Nord will participate in the networking and dissemination activities of the project (WP3 and WP7) and assist in developing the Quality Plan (WP6). In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately IFT-Nord will establish robust systems for managing, planning and delivering this project project. Regular project meetings will take place between IFT-Nord staff, to ensure all those involved in the project share information, and the implementation of tasks is monitored closely. In addition, we will work closely with partners to implement the various work packages.


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Science for Prevention Academic Network
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