FR: L'Instance régionale d'éducation et de promotion de la santé


The IREPS Bretagne has four principal missions :

1. To develop and structure the offer of prevention and health promotion in the Brittany region.

The IREPS coordinates the Regional Pole of Competencies in health education and promotion, and provides methodological support to policy makers and institutions

2. To strengthen professionals’ specialization and quality of practice.

The IREPS is involved in training programs for students and professionals, methodological counselling, organization of seminars, distribution of prevention tools, and specialized documentation.

3. To develop the field of health education and promotion. \n

The IREPS conceptualizes, writes and distributes reports and publications, including research and studies.

4. To support its own professionals’ skills and expertise

This project will be managed through the Regional Pole of Competencies in health education and promotion, which associates seven non-profit organizations in Brittany. These organizations are all specialized in health education and promotion, whether through thematic (addictions, aids, cancer prevention…), populational (young people…) or global approaches. They have been working together for 8 years and are used to provide coordinate work. The project management will benefit from the collaboration with the EHESP, National School of High Studies in Public Health.

Primary role in the project

IREPS’s role in the project will be to sit on the Advisory Board of the project, under WP1, and to maintain an overview of WP2 (dissemination), WP3 (Education and Training Research), WP6 (Quality Planning) and WP7 (Networking).In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, IREPS will participate fully in the project, helping advise OBU on their views of the project and guide its overall implementation.


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