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Oxford Brookes University (OBU) is a premier UK Higher Education Institution with an outstanding research record. OBU is the only UK modern university to have achieved 24 subjects rated as excellent for teaching. We have a longstanding reputation for employability, and are host to two national centres of excellence in teaching and learning. The Department of Social Work and Public Health (SWPH) specialises in undergraduate (pre-qualifying), post-qualifying and postgraduate courses, as well as offering research opportunities covering a wide range of subject areas from management and education to public health and social work. Researchers in the School of Health and Social Care (SHSC) have been steadily building a profile in prevention science, through a number of research projects, knowledge transfer activities, and plans to develop postgraduate teaching. Through systematic reviews focusing on substance misuse we have looked at the effectiveness of drug and alcohol misuse prevention programmes for young people, the impact of alcohol marketing on children and young people, the performance of screening instruments in brief intervention programmes for alcohol misuse, and trends in alcohol consumption in the UK over the past 20 years. These research projects have been supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Cochrane Collaboration, the European Commission and several research charities. SHSC researchers have also been involved in randomised controlled trials of the Strengthening Families Programme, social normative feedback, school-based curriculum for drug and alcohol prevention, and techniques to reduce unintended teenage pregnancy. These studies involve collaborations with other universities and have been supported by a number of external funding bodies including the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council. Researchers are also studying health visitor assessments of mother-infant interactions so that early preventive action can be taken where mother-infant relationships are not developing well. More recently, through the writing of a new book, Drug Policy and the Public Good, researchers in the school developed an interest in how effective early classroom behaviour management can promote prosocial behaviour and reduce substance misuse, mental illness, and other issues into young adulthood.

Primary role in the project

OBU’s role in the project will be one of overall project co-ordinator, delivering WP1, assuming overall responsibility for liaison with EACEA, managing the delivery of the overall project, and co-ordinating the activities of the various work packages in the project. In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, OBU will appoint a 0.6 PT Programme Manager to oversee the delivery of this project. They will be responsible for setting up the necessary project management systems and quality assurance requirements, which will generally follow standard PRINCE2 methodologies. They will establish a Project Management Board (involving representatives of P3, P4, P10, P15, P16, P17 and P29) and an Expert Advisory Group (comprising P31, P32, P33, P34 and the two Associate partners) to oversee the delivery of the project. The Programme Manager will also develop and secure the agreement of the partners to signing a partnership agreement. In order to ensure all these issues are agreed at the outset of the project, and the project is set up in a suitably controlled environment, the Programme Manager will organise a Kick Off Meeting. The project will be mapped into monthly targets with designated outcomes, outputs and milestones. Monthly reports from the Programme Manager will be submitted to the Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health at OBU. All financial management will be maintained via computerised and manual systems, and monitoring of income and expenditure will be reported on a quarterly basis. Progress reports to the assigned Grant Manager in the EACEA will be completed by required dates, and a final project evaluation will be completed at the end of the project.


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