RO: Romanian Angel Appeal


Since 1991 RAA has been responding to the HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics across Romania through pioneering projects and programs, providing integrated treatment, care and prevention services to more than 4,000 beneficiaries per annum: children, adults, health workers and other professionals. RAA counts of 34 staff members, and 30 collaborators nationalwide. RAA has been involved in various international programs, is an organization member of National Coordination Committee for Global Fund Romania, Member of the Penta Network. As Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS TB and Malaria (2007 – ongoing) , RAA coordinated and monitored the activity of 35 governmental and civil society organizations involved in the implementation of the Global Fund HIV and TB grants in Romania.  RAA Foundation continues to work to this day in national and international projects dealing with: HIV and TB prevention; developing and delivering services and social integration opportunities for people affected by HIV, TB and ASD; advocacy campaigns; social, medical and operational research in the area of HIV, TB and ASD.

Primary role in the project

RAA’s role in the project will be to sit on the Advisory Board of the project, under WP1, and to contribute to WP2 (dissemination), WP3 (Education and Training Research), WP6 (Quality Planning), WP7 (Networking) and WP9 (ECTS/Quality Plan Implementation). As far as this last WP is concerned, RAA will take a stronger role in contributing to the implementation of this WP, by sitting on the WP Steering Group and taking a strong role in guiding WP9.  In performing this task RAA staff will participate in various Steering Group Meetings and Teleconferences and ensure the achievement of the WP deliverables. In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, RAA will participate in the key project activities and meetings and provide an overall advisory role in the project.


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