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The University of Oviedo (UNIOVI) was established in 1608. It is a public institution, with more than 1500 researchers and 250 research groups, devoted to higher education teaching and research that fosters the social, economic and cultural development of the local community through the generation and diffusion of knowledge. Today, it has become the main research centre of the Principality of Asturias, a Spanish autonomous region with a population of over one million inhabitants located in the north-west of Spain. The infrastructures at the University are organized in several campuses, structured in Departments, Faculties, Schools and University Institutes. Experimental sciences, technological studies, social sciences, humanities and health sciences are all present at our host institution. The office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research includes a research service in charge of the management and processing of the research projects and contracts. The University of Oviedo has a long experience in the different Framework Programmes, with more than 50 projects in the last 5 years. Furthermore, the University has a European Research & Development Office, co-financed by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation, to assist researchers in the administration of EC research projects. This Office has experienced members of staff to support main investigators and project coordinators in their administrative tasks selected to EU projects, facilitating greater scientific dedication of research staff.

Worth mentioning is also that on November 2009, the University of Oviedo was among the eight first in Spain to be awarded with the seal of “Campus of International EXCELLENCE”. This award founds the global strategy called “Ad Futurum”, fostering excellence in research, development and innovation, with special stress in two areas: Energy, Environment & Climate Change, and Biomedicine & Health. The project was jointly decided with the main agents of the Asturian society and aims consolidation of an Asturian Ecosystem of Knowledge, clearly leaned towards internationalization and collaboration with productive sectors.

The overall objective of the Faculty of Psychology is to train professionals to acquire the scientific knowledge to understand, interpret, analyze, explain and predict the human behavior in order to acquire the skills and expertise to assess and intervene in the individual and group, throughout the life cycle, in its aspects of normality and abnormality. This training will enable graduates to access post-graduate specialist training in various professional fields of psychology, and allow them access to research both basic and applied. To achieve these goals the curriculum is organized in five years, with core, compulsory and optional courses through which students may begin at the professional expertise and research.

Primary role in the project

The University of Oviedo’s (UNIOVI) role in the project will be to sit on the RTD Projects/ Stakeholder Research Group organised to guide WP5. In addition, UNIOVI will input into WP2 (Dissemination), WP6 (Quality Planning), WP7 (Networking), and WP9 (ECTS implementation). In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, UNIOVI will use the Internationalization Department. This university section has a long tradition in managing this kind or projects. Currently it coordinates many European programmes, including Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alpha, Marie Curie, etc. Its experience is accredited by several European audits.


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