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Verwey-Jonker Institute is a national, independent institute for applied research into social issues. The Institute has a longstanding reputation on policy-strategic and evaluative research into social issues. The outcomes are being used to make adjustments in policies of organisations and governments. The 50 staff members have different scientific backgrounds to cover social (welfare) policy in its broadest sense. Research projects are financed by government bodies at different levels, including the European Commission. Some topics of research are: youth participation, youth welfare, citizenship, volunteering, socialisation, social integration issues, inclusion of ethnic minority youth and disadvantaged youth, and governance strategies for youth policy. At European level the institute participated in a fifth framework project on participatory democracy in European cities (DEMOS) and takes part in one sixth framework project on social cohesion (KATARSIS) and two seventh framework projects: one on Faith Based Organisations and Poverty in European Cities (FACIT) and one on the use of ICT for social inclusion of marginalised youth (INCLUSO). It conducted several projects for DG Employment (Equal, gender equality), for DG Justice, Freedom and Security (INTI, DAPHNE). The institute was involved in the European evaluation of the Youth Community Action programme 2000-2006. The institute has also experience with the coordination of European projects such as the coordination of the ISRD-survey in 6 New Member State of European Union. One of the recent studies of the institutes is about the effectiveness of a community intervention model, Communities that Care, for the prevention of alcohol and drug use and other problem behaviour of young people in the Netherlands. The Institute also conducted a bi-national study on alcohol and drugs among adolescents in the USA and the Netherlands. There is a second bi-national study started recently on community prevention systems in the Netherlands and the USA. The Verwey-Jonker Institute coordinates a big European prevention program on Alcohol Abuse among Adolescents in 25 European countries (‘Effective Environmental Strategies for the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse among Adolescents in Europe’). This three year project (in which we cooperate on regular basis with Universities from Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, but also with partners from 19 other European countries) aims to study the different possible effective strategies for the prevention of alcohol abuse among adolescents in different European countries.

Primary role in the project

VJI’s role in the project will be to lead the impolementation of WP8, by establishing a Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group. In addition, as a WP lead VJI will input into WP1 by sitting on the PMG and in WP2, WP6 and WP7. In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, VJI will establish a clear terms of reference for the Virtual Networking and Learning Steering Group, will maintain strong relationships with partners and clearly assign actions to them.


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