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Vilnius University, one of the oldest and most famous of Central and Eastern European universities, founded in 1579. For a long time being the only higher education institution in Lithuania, the university had a significant impact not only in Lithuania but also in neighboring countries and cultural life, nurtured a number of scholars, poets and people of culture time.  The Faculty of Philosophy is an integral part of the Old Vilnius University - the start of its activity dates back to the foundation of the University itself in 1579. The modern Faculty of Philosophy of today was reopened in 1989, after more than a 200-year interval. Modern philosophy and sociology study programmes were developed, psychology - hitherto a part of the studies in the Faculty of History - was reinstated into its curriculum, and a new speciality - social work - was launched. The Faculty of Philosophy has again become an institution of wide-spectrum humanitarian and social education and science, with its staff composed of over 50 prominent Lithuanian scientists and lecturers, including philosopher. Today, the Faculty of Philosophy is a wide-spectrum institution of science and education that offers study programmes in philosophy, educology, psychology, social work and sociology as well as organizes scientific research in those areas. By their research, creative effort and educational activity, the lecturers and researchers of the Faculty strive to provide a wide-spectrum tertiary humanitarian and social academic education, to build professional competence as well as to develop creative, daring and free people. Currently, the faculty has signed over 60 bilateral agreements with foreign higher education institutions from 16 countries on cooperation in the organization of the Lifelong Learning / Erasmus faculty and student exchange program. Initiated within 50 practices in the organization of bilateral agreements with the Lithuanian authorities on the undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students practice. Active in cooperation with social partners in joint projects, research, exchange of relevant information.

Primary role in the project

VU’s role in the project will be to actively participate on the Workforce Skills Research Group (WP4) and on the Quality Planning Group (WP6). In common with guiding these WP’s VU will also input time into WP2 (supporting the dissemination), WP3 (mapping the sector), WP7 (networking) and WP9 (quality plan implementation). In order to ensure this project is managed appropriately, VU will be responsible for coordination and quality assurance of the activities assigned in the project and for administrative/financial management of it’s as a partner part. To ensure the quality of participation as partner in the project an experienced project management group will be appointed for all project implementation period: one person will be appointed for project administrative and financial work and three persons from teaching staff will work for project activities implementation. One person from the teaching staff (main contact person) will be responsible for coordinating activities, keeping contact with the contact persons and the coordinator and partners institutions, controlling the project tasks.


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